extra affair solution

The wife and husband is a great possessor of a marriage relationship that can make worse or more beautiful examples of a marriage relationship enter the mind of another person. In this world, each marriage relationship has the same requirements and feelings that encourage them to move forward in this relationship. Understanding is an important part of dealing with the solution of the spouse’s wife’s dispute problem. These problems that occur in married life are not so easy because a problem where emotions occur becomes almost difficult to solve. The emotional relationship needs more care and faith of a person.
To make predictions regarding the possibilities of extra-marital affairs or flirtatious tendencies of any person, the status of the following astrological elements of the birth chart of any partner are of most importance: — the Seventh house, Second house, Eighth house, Twelfth house, Eleventh house, Fifth house, Sixth house, and Fourth house; location, nature, and power status of Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mars; dominant nature and strength of signs Scorpio and Pisces; and presence of doshas like Mangal Dosha, pertinent Kaal Sarpa Dosha, etc.

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