How To Cast Black Magic Death Spells

How To Cast Black Magic Death Spells

A death spell is a dark enchantment spell. To cast it, devices, for example, photographs, hair, blood, internals of creatures and winged animals, are required. Certain ceremonies (portrayed in antiquated sources) require forfeit of little creatures and flying creatures to call up malice spirits.

During the third or fourth lunar phase, go to the cemetery.

Prepare some beeswax, a round paper pentagram (13 cm in diameter), 5 candles, 15 safety pins, black ribbon/ thread, and a cardboard box (to be used as the doll’s coffin).

Use the beeswax to make a figurine of a person (8-15 cm) and say, “I name you (your enemy’s name).” Turn the doll to the west, north, south and the east, and say, “Fires and waves, earth and winds, spiral inside me, start turning. Magic begin!” Put the doll in the center of the pentagram, put candles on each of the four rays, and light them.

Take a pin and warm it over the fire. Stick it in the doll’s foot (or pierce it through), stick another pin in the other foot and say, “The feet are dead.” Stick pins in the knees, saying, “The knees are dead.” Then stick pins in the hands and elbows of the doll. After that, you have to strike your enemy’s chakras. Stick pins from the groin to the head, saying, “I’m breaking the bones, twisting the joints, everything has rotten inside, the body is eaten by worms, the heart has dried, the brain has rotten. The soul, thoughts and will are gone.”

Tie the doll with the black ribbon or thread, and say, “A seal has been attached to the power of magic, (the enemy’s name) will be gone in the morning!” Put the doll into the cardboard box and bury it saying, “Rest in peace (the enemy’s name).” Make kind of a gravestone to make the area look like a real grave.