How To Curse Or Hex Someone You Hate

How To Curse Or Hex Someone You Hate

WARNING: Do not use any of these curses. They are extremely dangerous. If something goes wrong, the curse could rebound on you, causing you to die instead.

How to put a curse on someone. These curses are real. They do not use black magic or voodoo, but rather ancient rituals.

The act of placing a curse on someone else always has an effect on you. The curse always rebounds to some extent and affects you. You could become physically ill or mentally unstable. In extreme cases, you could even die. There is an old Japanese proverb that says when you place a curse on a person, you need two holes. This means that a curse will always rebound on you, so when you place a curse on someone else, you need to dig two graves, because you will die as well.

Note: The reason I am sharing this information is that I plan to post some stories in the future that involve Japanese curses, so in order to understand the stories, you need to understand how Japanese curses work. I will also be adding more curses to this page in the future.

Easy Curse

To perform this ritual, you need a sheet of tissue paper and a ballpoint pen.

1. Smooth out the tissue paper and fold it in half, length-wise.

2. With the ballpoint pen, draw the shape of a person on the tissue paper while imagining in your mind the person you want to curse.

3. Be careful not to tear the tissue paper while you are drawing.

4. Draw an X on the figure at any place, the head, the belly or the feet.

5. Then, while imagining the person, stab with a ballpoint pen aimed at that part.

6. Keep stabbing it until it is gradually painted black

7. When there is a hole drilled in the tissue… something may be happening.

To finish the ritual, burn the tissue paper, sprinkle salt on the ashes, place them in an envelope and throw it in the garbage.

Note: Do not let anyone see you stabbing the tissue paper. Do not let anyone see or touch the tissue paper after you have drawn on it.

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